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Medical Equipment Planning


Medical Equipment Planning

Each healthcare project has its own unique goals, needs and requirements, many of which are met by expensive and rapidly changing medical equipment and technologies. Because any fault in choosing this equipment can result in great financial loss, adopting to this rapid changes and selecting the best and most suitable technology has become a serious concern for the hospital administrators and architects team.

Because of their vast knowledge and experience in designing and selecting the best combination of medical equipment and the latest technology, KARAMED medical equipment experts team, can provide you with the best possible solution. To achieve this goal, a specific document is prepared for each space that includes a list of all the required equipment, the needed amount, their architectural and installation pre-requirements and their physical specifications. This list is based on standards, our previous experience and the opinion and experience of the shareholders. This list also helps the financial team to have a fairly accurate estimate of the total medical equipment costs in the project (Bill of Quantity (BOQ) document).

On the other hand, due to the importance of correct placement of the medical equipment, the architectural plan must be compared against their requirements. This must be done in the designing phase to prevent financial loss due to reconstruction fees. Therefore, after the phase 1 plans are ready, we provide the Architects with a detailed medical equipment placement drawing plan which helps them correct any possible faults in the original design. This plan is based on optimal workflow, standards and guidelines, accreditation documents, dimension of the equipment and the process of entering and installation of each device.

In This Service

  • Room by room medical equipment lists
  • Structural, electrical and mechanical medical equipment necessities
  • Bill of quantity documents (BOQ)
  • Medical equipment price estimation