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Preliminary Studies

This analysis evaluates the current and future state of the projects thus helps determine the project’s goals, constraints, opportunities and risks.

Medical Equipment Planning

A specific document is prepared for each space that includes layouts, lists of all the required equipment, the amount, their architectural and installation pre-requirements and their physical specifications

Equipment Procurement

Medical equipment procurement is the key factor in ensuring that the healthcare facility opens as planned and delivers the intended level of service

Supervision & Installation

Efficiency and performance of each device is strictly related to adopting all the standards, requirements and guidelines

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A clear understanding of the functional and physical requirements of a project is essential to ensuring its success because the client's / owner's intent to develop a project is derived from a need, a purpose or mission, and a desired result. When the design of a facility satisfies the emotional, cognitive, and cultural needs of the people who use it and the technical requisites of the programs it houses, the project is functionally successful. The qualities of a functionally efficient building may not even be noticed or recognized, but a poorly functioning building will encounter numerous workflow problems. These problems can be costly to correct, if the opportunity to correct ever becomes available.

  • Hospital design by top grade consultant of the Ministry of Health
  • Cooperation of consulting equipping and setting up hospitals and medical centers from the beginning
  • Collaboration of project management with experience and up-to-date to control and monitor all processes

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