Ghaem International Hospital

  • Employer :
    Gil-o-Azar Iranian Co.
  • Date :
  • Type :
  • Location :
    Rasht, Iran
  • Architect :
    Elood Consulting Engineers
  • Status :
    Permanently Finished
  • Total Hospital Beds


Ghaem International Hospital is one of the featured hospital projects in the north of Iran which has been built in 6 floors including 200 inpatient and intensive care beds. 
Angiography services using ceiling angiography system, breast cancer diagnostic and biopsy with stereotactic mammography, radiation therapy services medical imaging services including 1.5T MRI, 16-slice CT-scanner, and also specialized clinics such as check-up clinic, arrythmia clinic and laser clinic are some of the featured services of this hospital which have been provided by high-tech and high-qualified medical equipment. The hospital also provides health tourism services for patients and their families. 
The scope of services provided by Karamed Company in this project includes preliminary study, medical equipment planning, procurement, supervision of installation, training and maintenance. 

Our Services

  • Feasibility Study
  • Revision of Architectural Plans
  • Medical Equipment Placement Drawings
  • Medical Equipment Procurement
  • Supervision and Installation
  • Maintenance